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    Delivering the finest of Asia, Ponder Brush provides bespoke corporate art services to clients looking for workshops, branding ideas or unique events inspired by Chinese culture. Our in-house team of Chinese painters. personal master calligrapher and Asian cultural/business partners has been providing personalisation services to world-renowned companies and enterprises for years. We regularly collaborate with well-established cultural and financial institutions, as well as commercial and fashion brands.


    We are the go to event entertainment and management specialists for Asia-themed events, especially during the Chinese New Year period, where our professional and high quality services assists many property developers and standalone corporate businesses including town and city councils and other event companies to position them well to captivate on the opportunities of the Asian festive seasons.


    提供最好的亚洲品味,《​墨文化社》为客户提供定制的企业艺术服务,寻找由中国文化启发的研讨会,品牌创意或独特活动。 我们内部的中国画家团队多年来一直为世界知名公司和企业提供个性化服务。 我们经常与成熟的文化和金融机构以及商业和时尚品牌合作。

  • Our Corporate Art Services

    Ponder Brush offers corporate art services to both the private and public industries. These corporate art services aim to provide assistance to small and large businesses which wish to include traditional and contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy in their cross-cultural marketing and promotional strategies. Our experienced artists, calligraphers and event management specialists will be able to:



    • Design creative, Asia-inspired, artistic packaging for your branded products. These can include calligraphic work or brush painting patterns and motifs.


    • Organise events involving artistic activities (personalised calligraphy and Chinese painting) which will attract the attention of your clients towards your products.

    Deliver workshops

    • Plan interactive workshops for your clients or audience in which the participants can immerse in Chinese culture and express themselves through traditional Eastern media and techniques
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  • Connect to the essence of Asia.

    See how the brush can paint your day!


    Boost Asia literacy in your organisation to position and engage Asia Markets effectively

    Our on demand art services range from a one-time workshop session, lasting only a few hours, to a series of activities spread over multiple weeks. We can host our activities & provide our services at your premises (including multiple branches at the same time).


    Whether you are looking for a corporate event, a creative workshop, or creative branding ideas, we can provide the best package to enhance your marketing and PR strategies through dedicated session for introducing Chinese Culture through Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Tea Ceremony and Qi Meditation, Custom practices. Personalised packages can be arranged for different objectives and outcomes.

    Unique Events & Live Performances

    Engage your brand with the right audience and clients

    Ponder Brush can organise events involving artistic activities (personalised calligraphy and Chinese painting), cultural activities and customs (Tea ceremonies, incense burning, live Qigong/Taichi & oriental music) performances which will attract the attention of your clients towards your brand & products.

    Design and Branding

    Appeal your brand and products to right the audiences

    Ponder Brush has extensive experience in collaborating with prestigious businesses and institutions, and hence in creating personalised traditional and contemporary Chinese paintings for marketing and promotional purposes.


    Our calligraphers and painters are accustomed to working with a variety of materials. Their personalised paintings can indeed adorn surfaces made of: metal glass, ceramics, different fabrics, leather, plastic cardboard, paper to produce brand incorporated cultural products.

    Gift Services Package


    Empower relationships with the finest gifts of Australia-Asia


    Ponder Brush arranges a gift-giving service for the special occasions. Our gift packages select the finest seasonal Chinese Teas, Australian Wines, East-West Decorations and products which all comes with an information brochure displaying product origin. A custom Chinese-Western Calligraphy accompanies each package to commemorate on the special occasion. Perfect way to show your appreciation for friends, significant other, guests, colleagues and business partners.


    墨文化社为特殊场合安排送礼服务,我们的包装选择是最好的中国茶,澳大利亚葡萄酒,东西方装饰品和产品,都附带显示产品的信息手册。 书法伴随每个包裹在特殊场合可作纪念。这完美的方式向朋友,及重要的客人,同事和商业伙伴表达您的感谢。


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