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    Chinese calligraphy is the arrangement between freedom, truth and accident.


    - Brett Whiteley.


    Chinese Calligraphy is to entrust your own life into images and words.

    - Master Lui.

    Chinese calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters using special tools- a brush, ink stick, ink stone and rice paper. It has a history of over 3000 years, and is considered the most important art form in China, carrying the priority that European art has traditionally reserved for painting.


    This elevated importance of calligraphy stems from the form of the written Chinese word. Each word is represented by a character, a unique abstract diagram. These evolved over thousands of years starting from simple pictures of nature, developing alongside and becoming intimately linked with Chinese aesthetic theory and philosophy. In this way, unlike an alphabet, a Chinese character carries more than just phonetic sound or specific meaning. Its very form is considered an abstract interpretation of pure natural beauty, making it a rich means for artistic expression.


    The seemingly simple tools of brush and ink create strokes that are thick or thin, smooth or rough, straight or cursive. The brush becomes an extension of the artist’s body and imagination, as if it is dancing on the rice paper. Yet like a dancer, the calligrapher must learn choreographed movements and maintain compositional order. An understanding of principles about the form of and relationships between strokes, and the arrangement of characters is necessary to create works with a dynamic but balanced contrast of white and black, and density with looseness. Within these bounds, the artist is free to express a personal vitality. This is the essence of the Chinese aesthetic sense.


    A work of calligraphy is a permanent recording of a swift performance with ink and brush. Each stroke is laid down decisively in a continuous, unbroken motion, with no ability for correction, and every movement on and off the paper must be fluid and lively for the work to be cohesive. In this way, the artist captures practice, emotion and an element of serendipity within a good calligraphy work, through the aesthetic arrangement and nature of the underlying strokes.


    Such a work is a delight to view and brings good energy to its environment, while carrying words of great meaning.

  • How can Chinese Calligraphy help you?


    A lifetime art for cultivating one's mind and character. 一种培养自己的智慧和心靈的终身艺术。

    The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy is world-renowned for its gestural movement and painterly touch. Not only is it a functional way of writing, but it is also considered an art form within Asian culture.

    Ancient Chinese art of self-cultivation


    Practice for a long happy life


    Develops Creative thinking & Visual skills


    Facilitates your spiritual journey


    Enhance memory and observation skills


    Effective learning of Chinese Characters for language learners.


    Connection to the essence of Chinese culture


    Boost confidence & independent thought


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  • What we do



    • Corporate Workshops
    • Team Building Workshops
    • Cultural Awareness Programs
    • Health and Wellness Wrokshops
    • Community Activation Programs

    Cultural Promotion

    Add uniqueness to your multi-cultural initiatives with Chinese calligraphy activities!

    Education Programs

    PonderBrush provides Australian learners with authentic, culturally-enriched and professionally designed incursion sessions.


    We not only teach the language components in simple greetings, calligraphy strokes and symbolic characters, but also take the cultural learning experience to a higher level by getting the students to create something that is meaningful to them.


    We want students to immerse themselves in this essential part of Chinese culture and to be inspired to participate and share with enthusiasm.

    Gift Design

    Create a memorable impression with gifts and gift designs from PonderBrush's artisans that will suit any special occasion. Whether its a gift for the boss, colleagues, friends, kids, partners, etc, our unique hand crafted art will deliver the right intention for the important moments.


    We specialise in:

    • Corporate Gifts
    • Experience Gifts
    • Seasonal Gifts
    • Many more...
  • Gift that special moment


    Need a gift to give an impression?


    A customised hand crafted gift is the best way to convey a message!

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    Wedding Reception Packages

    Share the joy of your special occasion with your loved ones and guests.


    .Affordable packages from $199.00!

    Private Events Entertainment

    Our professional artisans are trained to deliver the highest quality of written art forms to impress your guests!

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  • Events featuring Ponder Brush

    Add Asian essence to your events with Ponder Brush

  • Live Performances

    Stimulate your guests and patrons with therapeutic visual live calligraphy writing leaving them amazed and delighted! 


    For any special occasions, PonderBrush offers an unique experience to elevate the meaning behind any special occasions. Our ceremony packages are suitable for:

    • Weddings
    • Birthday Milestones
    • Anniversaries
    • Baby Showers
    • Graduations
    • Many more..

    Charity Fundraising

    If you are looking for fine art to auction to fund raise for a charitable cause, PonderBrush is always supportive of charitable agendas based on merit. Enquire to see what works can be donated by our artisans.

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