• Ink Culture Club group class conditions and values


    Group Rules and Mission


    Please note new and old members in the [Ink Culture Club] and observe the group's purpose:


    🕳🖌 Our Mission is to spread and propagate forward the unique traditions of Chinese calligraphy culture and art.


    Group Values:


    1. We are a community that sincerely provides mutual assistance to one another and assist each others growth and development. All participants will be added to a whatsapp group to allow students to keep updated and supplement their growth in the arts with new information.


    If you agree with the purpose of the group, in addition to calligraphy, sending positive and self-improvement information or pictures in the group, such as health maintenance, sports, medical treatment, diet, poetry, gardening, and everything else. . . It is all right. As long as it meets the first group value.



    2) Intent to learn the art of calligraphy together.


    The community we have here in Australia contain different religions, nations, cultures, sexual orientation, etc and hence we expect everyone to respect one another’s identity..Do not make falsehood, deceive, make blasphemy, slander, and/or attack others' beliefs, creeds, heritage and/or way of life.


    3) Interested in the art of Chinese calligraphy.


    We welcome anyone to join whom have an interest in the Chinese classical arts specific Chinese calligraphy. Whether you understand Chinese, age or experience/exposure, we welcome all!


    Any group member that may be displaying contrary behaviours to the above values may be asked to leave immediately.



    Thank you very much for your cooperation.





    The students of the "Ink Culture Society" who are learning to write calligraphy need to know:





    The students of the "Ink Culture Society" who are learning to write calligraphy need to know:



    1) Tuition fees are as follows


    😊 Please pay tuition before class.

    Ages over 65 years old is $10 (Ex GST) per lesson

    Ages below 65 years old is $15 (Ex GST) per lesson

    😊 If you have any financial difficulties, discuss it privately with your teacher.

    (persons over the age of 65 need to show an age card in order to claim concessions)


    2) Students will require to notify a leave of absence to remain in the spot for the class.


    Anyone who missed a class without a reason for absence is automatically removed from the class spot. Please leave the whatsapp group if you do intend to leave the classes in order to stop receiving the group's notifications.


    3) New students are granted a three classes trial where the calligraphy equipment will be provided by Ponder Brush. If previous students are interested in returning to the classes, they are not permitted to have trial lessons. The bespoken lesson fees still applies during the trial period.


    After the trial period, the instructor will advise whether the student is suitable to continue studying or will be asked to leave the Ink Culture Club.


    4) Students are required supply their own calligraphy equipment to each lesson after the trial period.



    5) All students who wishes to withdraw from the school should inform the teacher two weeks prior.



    6) All students who learn calligraphy in the “Ink Culture Society” have the choice to leave to classes at any time. No refunds will be given for any class withdrawals.




    7) Regarding the participation of other calligraphy activities and promotions, all students are free to decide. However, if you choose to not participate in the Ink Culture Club classes, please inform the teacher in advance.




    8) In conjunction with the group's purpose and values, the dissemination and promotion of the students Chinese calligraphy art, class photographs and student calligraphy works related to may be placed in public places such as newspapers and online media. If students do not agree, please be sure to inform the instructor during the reading of this conditions, otherwise by signing the student registration and information form, you agree to have such material be published under the Ponder Brush and Ink Culture Club platforms.



    May your journey with the Arts be fruitful, collaborate and learn with all your classmates, group team leaders and instructors.



    敬请各位在 [ 墨文化社 ] 內之成员,细看和遵守本群的群旨:


    1) 入群者应有爱護心, 感恩心,互助心。
    😊若认同群主的建群宗旨, 除书法外,在群组內发所有正面的,健康的资訊或图片,如养生,運动,医療,飲食,诗词,园艺,及一切一切。。。都是可以的。只要符合群规第一条就可以了。


    2) 意在共同学习书法艺术。

    3) 意在喜欢中國书法艺术的趣味。

    任何群员, 如违背群旨及违反群规者, 群主有杈请👋🏻马上离开。



    《墨文化社》学习写书法的各位同学需知🔇 :


    ( 65岁以上者需要出示证明以便記錄 )


    2) 有请假的學生会继续留位。


    3) 试上课每堂收費一样,65岁以上$10元,65岁以下$15元。


    4) 请自备及带齐写书法的用具來上課。


    5) 所有若要退学的学生请二个星期前通知老师。


    6) 所有学生在《墨文化社 》学书法的,有离开与留下学习的選择杈。


    7) 有关对外书法活動和推廣的参加与否,所有学生是自由决定。但若不参加,请事前通知老師。好讓老師安排。


    8) 配合 《 墨文化社 》的群旨,传播和弘揚中國书法艺术,与书法有关的学生相片和学生书法作品,会有可能放在公眾地方,如報纸,facebook.。。等等。若学生不同意,敬请一定要通知老师以备註。